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I originally set up this site to share the many model railway articles that I had previously written for the AMRA Journal with the wider model railway community. (That's me in the middle of the logo in the top left corner of the page.) Since setting up the site I have written more articles and reference material (some of it specifically for this site) not only on model railways in general but also some about my own layout as well as some information on the prototype that I model (British Rail - Southern Region) and the earlier railway companies that originally built and ran the railways in that area.

You will also find pages here with lists of links to clubs and hobby shops as well as a whole lot of links to other railway related sites.

All of the material to be found on this site (articles, diagrams, photos etc) are, unless otherwise indicated, all my own work and all are subject to copyright.

I hope that you find the information on these pages useful. Oh, and please note that it wasn't me that first referred to this site as the ultimate source of model railway information, I'm just quoting from feedback that I have received.Steve


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Convention 2011A brief description of my activities at the National N Scale Convention 2011 including lots of photos.
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    Scales    Prototype track gauge chart and model scale charts for both standard and narrow gauge.
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