Railway Resource Awards - Ethics

I declare that I am dedicated to upholding the ethics and standards stated in this declaration in order to ensure fairness to all applicants and to maintain the honour and integrity of applicants and awards.

The sole criteria for being able to display one of my railway resource awards on your web site is that I decide that it is a significant resource of railway related information in the given category. In determining whether a given site is a significant railway resource I shall examine the quantity of information presented, its uniqueness relative to other sites that I have seen, and its usefulness to visitors interested in the particular topic. I shall make every effort to disregard my own interest (or lack) in the particular topic and judge based on its perceived interest to those with an interest in the subject matter.

I shall undertake to evaluate all submitted sites within one week of receipt of the application. Where evaluations cannot be completed within one weeks of receipt, I shall suspend submissions until such time as these timeframes can once more be met. I shall also notify the applicants of any outstanding submissions of the delay.

Sites that contain material considered to be not suitable for children or which display images that are in breach of copyright will definitely be excluded from consideration for my awards. I will not grant awards to, or in any other manner endorse or promote, any web site that endorses, promotes, or contains content which is considered globally to be illegal or discriminatory. I do not discriminate on the grounds of scale or prototype modelled, race, gender, nation of origin, religion, profession, mental or physical handicap, or any other reason which is not globally viewed as an illegal trait or manner of conduct.

I shall not divulge any information about any applicant to any person, group, or agency. All information received from award applicants by whatever means shall be treated as private and confidential and shall only be used for the purpose for which it has been supplied.

I will maintain a professional, friendly, and positive manner in any correspondence or other communication with applicants. Any critiques given shall be constructive in nature. I acknowledge that other web sites may have different ideas or priorities with regard to their web site.

I will not accept any favours of any sort in return for preferential treatment of any submission.

Award winners shall be listed as such on the appropriate page of our site. While I would prefer that winning sites display their award as a link back to my web site there is no requirement that they do so. Sites shall be granted an award on the basis that I considered it to be a significant railway resource site at the time that the award is given. Should a web site not maintain the standard required to meet the criteria then I may remove the link from my site and/or request that the web site cease displaying my award. I will take all measures necessary to maintain the honour and integrity of our awards.

This statement is considered public domain and may be copied (with or without modification) for use on other web award sites.
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