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The Australian Model Railway Association has branches in four states and caters to all railway modelling interests regardless of scale or selected prototype. Australian Model Railway Association Inc.
I am the webmaster for this site
I have a lot links to Australian sites on the AMRA web site. These include the Clubs page and the Retailers and Manufacturers page.
 Club Links Links to various Model Railway Clubs
located in the UK.
 Shop Links Links to various Model Shops and Manufacturers located in the UK.
    N Links   Links to various Manufacturers of British N Gauge and related equipment.
 Resources  Links to various Model and Prototype Resource Sites that have won one of my awards.
More Links Links to lots of other railway related sites.
iRail Railway Search EngineiRail Railway Search Engine
The UK based railway and model railway directory
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The old Sydney Central Indicator Board
The old Sydney Central Indicator Board



Link To This Site

You might consider adding a link from your site to ours (assuming that you have a site). To create a text link with html code just place the following in the appropriate spot on your page.

<a href="">Steve's Railway Page</a>

If you are using a web editor that provides a simple means of creating links, you can place the text Steve's Railway Page into your page and then define it as a link to the web address (or URL) to achieve the same result.


If you prefer to use an image link then use the following code:

<a href=""><img src="srp.gif" width="66" height="92" alt="Steve's Railway Pages" /></a>

This will produce a link that looks like this:

Steve's Railway Pages

You need to copy the above image to your server and save it as srp.gif in order for the code to work. If the text colour on that image doesn't suite the background colour of your page then you can copy the following version of the image instead:

Steve's Railway Pages
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