A resource site is one (such as this one - if you believe the comments being posted to my guestmap) that contains lots of useful information on a given topic. These sites can sometimes be hard to locate in amongst all of the other sites on the web. To assist in locating such sites dealing with model railways as well as UK and Australian prototype railways I came up with the idea of this page and the three awards associated with it.

Do you have a site that is a useful resource of model or prototype railway information? If so then submit your site for one of my three railway resource awards. I will take a look at your site and if I think that it is a useful resource then I will add a link to your site in the appropriate section below. There is no particular criteria for these awards other than for it convincing me that it is a useful source of information about its chosen subject and fits one of my three categories. Take a look at my guidelines page for more information on how I define a railway resource site. Once you are listed you will be entitled to display the resource award on your own site.

If you are looking for model railway resource sites or UK or Australian prototype resource sites then you will want to check out the ones listed below. Sites listed on this page are ones that I consider to contain lots of useful information. The sites have either been submitted for the award or I have spotted their site and decided it is worthy of the award without their having to ask.

You may wish to read my Ethics Statement before submitting your site for my award. Sites belonging to children under 16 years of age are not eligible for these awards.

Submit your site

The most comprehensive resource sites may be considered for Steve's Pick of the Month. This will be awarded entirely at my discretion and may not be awarded every month.


For more railway related web awards that you can apply for visit Railroad Award Sites.

Model Railway Resources

Model Railway Resource Award
Altezeitgruppe-Dorset Reichsbahn Gruppe is not a society per se as they do not seek members but instead welcomes visitors (around 4000 per month). They are the (only) group of enthusiasts of German railways in the UK with a presence on the internet.
Their regularly updated website not only supports the exhibition activities of the group, it also provides a rich resource for modellers with projects, information and links to friends in Germany. There is no other website which provides as much information for the English speaking modeller of German steam railways and they are lucky to be able to draw on contacts in Germany to provide answers to the many queries they receive.
Gn15 Info covers all aspects of G scale (1:22.5) running on HO track, which is close enough to 15 inch gauge.
There are two main "flavours" to railways in 15 inch gauge. On the one hand you have tourist lines while on the other hand there are real working lines - either small industrial or estate railways, as Sir Arthur Heywood intended.
GWR Modelling provides extensive notes, galleries and links for modellers of the Great Western Railway (UK). The website is privately managed but with an increasing number of contributions from other GWR modellers.
iRail Railway Search Engine - The UK based railway and model railway directory. Forget the general search engines when you are looking for model railway/railroad related sites and use iRail to find them instead.
Micro layouts for Model Railroads has plans for hundreds of layouts that take less than a square metre so if you thought you didn't have enough room for a model railway you can now see how wrong you were.
My Model Railway is a pictorial resource showing the gradual development of a model railway over a period of time - all in pictures.
RailCollector.com - A train collectors place on the web. This is the place to go for information about "O" Gauge toy trains from the UK, US, and New Zealand.
Raymond Walley - Designed to showcase "O" gauge, 7mm railway modelling; review kits, books, & components and to promote the "O" Guild.
Robert's Lionel Train Layout - The primary focus of this site is to share the design and construction of the author's Lionel O Gauge layout with others.
Shaun's Model Railway - The site describes my attempt to build a proper model railway for the first time despite being in the hobby for nearly 30 years. The project has been split into distinct sections with a page on the site for each.
The South Coast Railway Stu Irvine says "This is my railway and its ongoing upkeep and expansion, with stock lists and news of how it evolves. Please have a look and enjoy and please let me have your comments on how I can improve my railway and my website." Well Stu, I think you have done a great job.
Soviet Union Trains - This section of the Dave's Trains website provides a complete reference about the "O" Gauge trains produced in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and 60s.
Taw Vale - An OO gauge modern image garden railway based around the Great Western lines out of London Paddington. The site includes a webcam and forum.
Waldovia State Railways - A model railway that resists being modelled on any fixed period or location. As well as a huge number of photos and videos of the layout at various stages of construction there are also lots of articles that describe how the various parts of the layout were built and reference pages on wheel arrangements and headcodes. Some of the pages contain so much information that they are rather slow loading but definitely worth the delays.
Please submit your Model Railway resource site.
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UK Railway Resources

UK Railway Resource Award
British Steam Locomotives - Full on-line searchable database's of the big four, Wd's and BR Standards. Includes all locomotives at grouping as well as anything built by the big four or BR. Data includes builder; build, withdrawal, and scrap dates; last shed; and notes of interest.
iRail Railway Search Engine - The UK based railway and model railway directory. Forget the general search engines when you are looking for UK railway related sites and use iRail to find them instead.
LBSCR org - Covers both the UK prototype London, Brighton and South Coast Railway as well as resources for modelling it.
Lowland Locomotives - the definitive history for the railways of The Monklands - Airdrie & Coatbridge in central Scotland.
The UK Model Shop Directory The largest resource for British Model Railway Enthusiasts everywhere. Providing a Model Shop directory with A-Z maps for the UK, Suppliers directory, Events Calendar, Societies listings and links.
Now host to - The UK National eLayout Collection.
Virtual Rail - Covering mostly UK related topics and downloads for rail simulations and also providing the first UK databases, FAQs, Reviews, News, APK Unpackaging, Community boards and more.
Warwickshire Railways - This site is created for the railway enthusiast, local historian and railway modeller by fellow enthusiasts. It is dedicated to the research, study and recording of the history of Warwickshire's railways from 1837 to circa 1970 and to publish and disseminate all such information through this website. It currently has approaching 9000 pages of photos, maps and text. Whilst focused on just one county - Warwickshire, it does embrace over 200 stations and other important locations as well as containing content which is of wider interest too.Steve's pick of the month
October 2013
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Australian Railway Resources

Australian Railway Resource Award
ARDP - A large collection of Australian Railway photographs. In most cases there are 10 - 20 photos of the same piece of railway equipment. While not all of the thumbnails are attached to larger images, all of the photos can be obtained on CD.
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Links on this page are to useful resource sites dealing with Australian Railways, UK Railways, and Model Railways. I am not necessarily associated with any of the sites listed on this page and I accept no responsibility for the content of sites that I do not control. I reserve the right to add or remove links on this page at my discretion. Links may also be removed at the request of the owner of the linked site.

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