Southern Station Colours

The Southern Railways used a standardised colour scheme for all of its passenger stations. The colour scheme made railway stations on the Southern Railway instantly recognisable. I have several buildings on my layout that follow this colour scheme.

Station Building in Southern Railways Colours
Note the mid-chrome green doors, windows, and drainpipes on the station building and typical concrete construction of the footbridge.

The following is a list of some of the main colours that they used and what they were usually used for.

Mid Chrome Green used for drain pipes, awning columns, valence mouldings, railings, hand rails, window frames, interior walls (below 4'), doors and frames, lamp posts, and most metal fittings.

Deep Green used for the upper parts of interior walls.

Dark Green used for the border of poster boards.

Light Green used for roofing steelwork and ornamental brackets.

Light Stone used for roof and valence interiors as well as some interior walls. Also used for the upper part of buildings, wooden gates, and fences.

Dark Stone used for valence exteriors, closed board fences, wooden hut exteriors, lavatory entrance screens, wooden walls, and signal box planking and balustrades.

White used for interior ceilings, railings at bridge approaches, level crossing gates, flag poles, and window sashes.

Red used for fire buckets hose carts, and level crossing targets.

Grey used for poster board interiors, gutter interiors, water tanks, signalbox walkways, and ladders.

Most of the signs on Southern Railway stations were green and white except for warning signs which were red and white. Some paint shades varied slightly over the years but overall appearance remained much the same.

Goods Shed in Southern Railways Colours
Again, note the mid-chrome green doors and drainpipes
and the dark stone timberwork
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