Southern Steam Loco Reference 1960s

This page lists the steam locomotive classes built for the Southern Railways and its predecessors which survived into the 1960s. The list does not include classes of locomotives that were completely withdrawn from service before 1960, "foreign" locomotives that ran on the Southern region during the 1960s, nor locomotive classes introduced after nationalization. In addition only those locomotives in normal service with British Railways (Southern Region) are considered, those locomotives which had already been set aside for preservation are also not included in this reference. The number in class column lists both the number originally built (or rebuilt) followed by the number still in service at the start of 1960. Where a class is a rebuild of a previous class the CME who built the class on which the rebuild was based is shown first (in italics).

Steam services were fully withdrawn from British Railways (Southern Region) on 9th July 1967.


ClassWheelsCompanyIntroducedNumber in ClassCMELast Loco Withdrawn

02982-4-0WTLSWR186385 / 3 (*)J Beattie
& W Beattie
December 1962
LBSCR187250 / 1StroudleyNovember 1963
E1 (t)0-6-0TLBSCR187479 / 2Stroudley1963
04154-4-2TLSWR188271 / 3AdamsJuly 1961
O20-4-4TLSWR188960 / 27AdamsJuly 1967
B40-4-0TLSWR189125 / 4AdamsOctober 1963
G60-6-0TLSWR189434 / 7AdamsDecember 1962
7000-6-0LSWR189730 / 28DrummondDecember 1962
M70-4-0TLSWR1897105 / 73DrummondMay 1964
E40-6-2TLBSCR189775 / 32R Billinton1963
T94-4-0LSWR189966 / 14Drummond1961
C0-6-0LCDR1900109 / 61WainwrightJuly 1967
O10-6-0SER190359 / 3Stirling1961
E60-6-2TLBSCR190412 / 6R Billinton1962
H0-4-4TLCDR190466 / 37WainwrightJanuary 1964
C140-4-0TLSWR190610 / 1Drummond1960
C2x0-6-0LBSCR190845 / 32R Billinton
/ Marsh
P0-6-0TSECR19098 / 3Wainwright1961
LBSCR191017 / 11Stroudley
/ Marsh
November 1963
K2-6-0LBSCR191317 / 17L Billinton1962
E20-6-0TLBSCR191310 / 10L Billinton1963
H154-6-0 LSWR191426 / 10UrieDecember 1961
L4-4-0SECR191422 / 9Maunsell1962
N2-6-0SECR191780 / 80Maunsell1966
N154-6-0LSWR191874 / 34Urie &November 1962
 King ArthurMaunsell
D14-4-0SECR191821 / 13Wainwright
/ Maunsell
E14-4-0SECR191811 / 4Wainwright
/ Maunsell
S154-6-0LSWR192045 / 45Urie &
September 1965
G164-8-0TLSWR19214 / 2Urie1962
H164-6-2TLSWR19215 / 5Urie1962
N12-6-0SECR19236 / 6Maunsell1966
LN4-6-0SR192616 / 16Maunsell1962
 Lord Nelson
L14-4-0SR192615 / 10Maunsell1962
U2-6-0SR192850 / 50Maunsell1966
U12-6-0SR192821 / 21Maunsell1966
Z0-8-0TSR19298 / 8Maunsell1962
SR193040 / 40Maunsell1962
W2-6-4TSR193215 / 15Maunsell1964
Q0-6-0SR193820 / 20Maunsell1965
MN4-6-2SR194130 / 30BulleidJuly 1967
 Merchant Navy
Q10-6-0SR194240 / 40BulleidJanuary 1966
WC/BB4-6-2SR1945110 / 110BulleidJuly 1967
 West Country & Battle of Britain
USA0-6-0TSR194814 / 14US ArmyJuly 1967

(*) The other 82 of the Beattie Well Tank locomotives were withdrawn from service in 1899 so the remaining three outlasted the rest of the class by well over sixty years. These three locomotives underwent a number of rebuilds by Drummond, Urie, and Maunsell resulting in their appearance changing quite dramatically over the years.

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