Model Railway Shops in the UK

The following are links to just a few of the large number of model railway retailers and manufacturers can be found in the UK and Ireland. These links will open in a separate window to make it easier for you to return to my site afterwards.

If you know of any other UK or Irish model railway retailer or manufacturer web sites that you would like to see added to this page please send me the details.

To assist you in making your online purchases, sites that offer a shopping cart and online purchasing are identified in the below listings with one of the following symbols.

  • Shopping Cart/No Security Certificate Order page not on a secure server (or I have not been able to access the certificate to check it).
  • Shopping Cart/Valid Third Party Security Certificate Order page on a secure server with a valid third party security certificate.
  • Shopping Cart/Valid Security Certificate Order page on a secure server with their own valid security certificate.

Note that this information does not negate the need for you to check the security certificate for yourself (refer disclaimer).
If you don't know how to do this read this page.

Buyer Beware

It is your responsibility to check that any goods that you purchase from any of these sites matches to what you intended to order. Any internet or mail order purchases should be checked immediately upon receipt to ensure that you received what you ordered and that it is undamaged. Any discrepancies in your purchase order or damage to the goods received should be taken up immediately with the company that the goods were purchased from. If you purchase goods from a store you should always check the goods before leaving the store.

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Links on this page are to sites belonging to model railway retailers and manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. These links are provided as a "hopefully" useful resource for anyone looking for somewhere to buy Model Railway equipment in the UK. I am not associated with any of the shops listed on this page and I accept no responsibility for the content of these sites. I reserve the right to add or remove links on this page at my discretion. Links may also be removed at the request of the owner of the linked site.

I have indicated those sites that provide an online ordering system (shopping cart) with a lock symbol next to the link. The colour of the lock indicates what I have been able to determine regarding the security of their site. There are two aspects to security of information, first that your information will be sent to the supplier in a secure manner, and second that you are sending the details to the supplier and not someone masquerading as them. A yellow lock symbol indicates that at the time I checked their site had a security certificate issued to them by a source that I recognise as being an authorised certificate supplier and who only issue certificates to identified entities (ie. Verisign, Thawte, Equifax, or Entrust). An orange lock indicates that the certificate has been issued to a third party (which may be a parent company that owns the supplier or the bank that provides their secure service facility - or may not be). A red lock indicates that the site either doesn't have security on the order information or no means is provided to ensure the identity of the supplier on the order page (this does not necessarily mean that the information is not secure and going to the right place, there is just no way to check). A number of sites use a Java security module instead of using a secure server, as I do not know of a way to identify that these have actually been set up by the company that they are identified as, I have coded these red.

I accept no responsibility for security indications on this page. You should always check certificates for yourself as the page you end up on may not be the one I was on. These indicators are provided to assist you in finding sites where you can make online purchases of model railway equipment and I accept no responsibility for any use that you make of the information provided.

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